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A Day at the Zoo

Doudou is off to the zoo for the very first time. He packs a camera and plenty of snacks in his backpack, including a banana, his favorite fruit. But there is a zoo animal that also love to eat bananas. Will Doudou be able to eat his favorite snack?

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Giulia Learns How to Cross the Street

Giulia and her grandma are walking to school together. Grandma wants to make sure that Giulia knows how to cross the street safely, so she teaches her how to use a walk light. But when they get to the street in front of Giulia’s school, the walk light isn’t working! How will they get to school safely?

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What Do the Trees Know

Do you ever wonder what the trees know? One little boy in Australia does. Join him as he wonders what trees know, see, hear and sing in this story.

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The Fourth of July

Philip Fox is visiting the United States, just in time for the Fourth of July. He joins in on the festivities, from playing baseball to enjoying a cookout. Come and celebrate in the warmth of summer…and remember to stay up late to see the fireworks!

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Misha's Fire Truck

Misha has a brand-new toy fire truck that he loves to play with. On a special mission to rescue Mouse from the top of a block tower, Firefighter Teddy discovers how special the new fire truck really is!

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Doudou's Wishing Lantern

Doudou is celebrating the Lantern Festival by making tangyuan with his mother. In the evening, he will go to the festival with his family to light a wishing lantern. What will he wish for?

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Custer and the Tiny Old Woman

Custer the cricket lives in the tiny old woman’s mailbox, where he is never disturbed because she doesn’t get any mail. But one day, a letter arrives that she has been waiting years for. What adventures will it bring?

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Rosemary High

Rosemary High is from Southeast England. From a very young age, she always loved to read and create stories with fantastical characters. After spending a couple of years teaching, she received her Masters in Creative Writing from the University of Lincoln, and was then promptly whisked away by her Texan husband to the Lone Star State where they currently live. They have two glorious children who Rosemary hopes will grow up to enjoy her stories, and maybe even create some of their own.


Rusty Fischer

A former teacher, Rusty Fischer is the author of several books for children, including The Littlest Werewolf’s Story and The Littlest Witch’s Story, both part of the Story Time for Little Monsters Series (Looking Glass Library, 2014). When he’s not writing about Halloween or little monsters, you’re likely to find him bussing tables or running food at the family restaurant!


Alessandra Alesi

Alessandra Alesi is from Sicily, Italy. When she was a child, she spent her afternoons reading comics and books. She enjoyed imaging the wonderful fictional lives of March sisters from Little Women and the mysteries of Burnett’s secret garden from The Secret Garden. She also loved (and still loves) Gianni Rodari and Bianca Pitzorno, two Italian children’s authors. Inspired by their stories, Alessandra started writing short stories and little funny rhyming poems, and her primary school teachers encouraged her writing and imagination. Alessandra attended Liceo Classico high school, where she studied Latin, Ancient Greek and literature. She learned more about styles, history, and grammar, and obtained a starting point to realize her dream of becoming a writer. After a degree in foreign language (English, Spanish, and Chinese) Alessandra obtained her PhD; by writing a doctoral dissertation about the use of comics book to teach foreign languages and to improve communicative skills. She thinks that, in every kind of learning, a spoonful of fun is necessary. Now Alessandra is a middle school English teacher in Palermo, her hometown. The sea, the atmosphere, and the rich history of Palermo give Alessandra the right nourishment for her mind. She loves cats, cooking, Walt Disney works, Japanese mangas and everything that gives her ideas and stimulates her imagination. She still writes tales for children, and she has several notebooks full of ideas for more!


Allison Mackey

Allison Mackey began writing at the age of eight, starting with poetry and progressing to novels in her teens. In 1991 she graduated from UGA with a Bachelor of Arts in English. She briefly worked as a reporter and copy editor for the Oglethorpe Echo, and was a regular humor column contributor in the quarterly independent musicians' magazine Visions of Gray. She also composed and recorded an original eleven-song CD in 2003 titled You’ve Waited Long Enough.

Allison is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, and she's a member of the Shoals Writers Guild in Florence, Alabama where she currently lives with her husband Chad. Allison is honored to be represented by Elizabeth Bennett at the Transatlantic Literary Agency.


Caroline Thuillier

The very first short story ever written by Caroline Thuillier was when she was just five years old. It recounted the harrowing tale of a man who could not bear eating ravioli anymore. With such a taste for allegorical fables and puzzling topics, she ended up working as a full-time writer, translator and proofreader. She has worked with publishers, marketing agencies, global companies and small businesses, and currently juggles work and art studies.


Tung Yuen See

Tung Yuen See started her career as a news producer before embarking on an intercontinental adventure to start a family in three countries over a 10 year span, all while maintaining an active freelance writing career. Her arduous adventure living aboard gave her the opportunity to experience vastly different cultures and lifestyles.

As a mother of two, Tung Yuen loves to make up stories with her beautiful young daughters, and she enjoys seeing her kids cultivating a rich, creative childhood. Now having settled in Canberra, Australia with her husband and daughters, Tung Yuen is working in the community service sector. During her free time, she still pursues her interest in writing as a children’s book author and freelance translator.


Tom Pilath

Tom Pilath grew up in a German village near Dresden. He started dancing and acting in small theater companies, then decided to pursue a career in professional theater. He soon became a leader of a teenage theater group in Hungary. Tom enjoyed working with teens. He sharpened his creative skills as a dramatic writer for young people, then also began working as a children’s book editor. Tom stepped into the role of an author with his children’s stories at Tiny Readers Publishing.

When Tom is not writing, he is busy with acting jobs in international theater and film productions. You can see him in his performances in German theaters, hotels and restaurants. Tom never stopped loving fairy tales and children’s stories, but now he’s rediscovering that magic through his nephews and his friends’ children reacting to his stories.


Mayumi Ito

Born and raised in Japan, Mayumi Ito moved to Alaska in the late 1980s with her husband and her then-six-month-old son to start a new chapter of her life. Many years later, her story in America’s Last Frontier still continues, and she’s loving every moment of it—except for driving in winter and paying higher shipping fees. Freelance translator by trade, Mayumi enjoys walking in the woods, reading good mysteries, and training with her agility dog, Pika. Her favorite quote is “The best is yet to be.”


Kali Blunt

Navigating the world through the lens of a mother, storyteller, musician and traveler, Kali Blunt focuses on stories that celebrate diversity, joy, and the vast Australian landscape. With a background in education and professional songwriting, Kali now works to create meaningful content as a digital marketing specialist for a broad range of national and global clients.


Angela Lee

Angela Lee is a wife, a mother, and a teacher of 19 years.  She enjoys life at her Virginia woodland home with her husband, children, and pets.  An avid reader, she is following her dream of becoming a children’s author. In her spare time, she enjoys family, food, music, and fun of all kinds.  She is well known for her infectious laugh. Her students, family, and co-workers think she’s a hoot! But for some reason, her teenagers are less enthusiastic.


Sara Bormolini

Sara Bormolini was born in Como, Italy and spent her childhood between her hometown and the Alps of Livigno. Being on the move gave her a passion for travelling and a taste for new places and cultures. She’s studied in Milan, Birmingham, and Venice, and has been living in the UK after completing her master’s degree in Children’s Literature at Cambridge. Cat lover and picture book enthusiast, Sara now lives in Oxford, where she enjoys the local eateries, the theatre scene, and long hours playing board games. She is a member of the Society of Young Publishers, and she has been working as a children’s literature editor at TRP since 2014.


Julia Neff

Julia is a big "story" worshiper. She sees life and its twists and turns as a story. Things begin, evolve and end, and Julia loves to extract these episodes and make stories out of them. Julia's story began back in the USSR city of Tallinn in 1978. At the age of 13 Julia, like most of her countrymen, ended up in a young sovereign country, the Republic of Estonia. But this was just the start of her adventures in the world.

After graduating from Gymnasium, Julia won a grant from the Danish Democracy Fund and moved to Denmark to study. The country and its people were very inspirational to Julia, especially the history of Hans Christian Andersen, who made an enormous impact on literature in his time. Julia was no stranger to his books. At that point, Julia decided to dedicate herself to writing.

After graduation with a Journalism major, Julia never departed from writing, even though she worked in various industries and various European countries. Over the last 10 years, Julia has been living in the Netherlands with her husband and 3 children. She freelances in writing and enjoys trying out different genres. Five years ago, she had the opportunity to write children stories for Tiny Readers Publishing, and later she also worked as a Russian language editor for them.

Julia believes in the power of language skills, both verbal and written. After all, language is the most efficient tool of communication between all people. Exchanging ideas and stories, being understood, and being able to understand comes solely from one's ability to use language. For this reason, she finds that developing the habit of reading with kids to be essential.

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