Series of the Month

It’s always exciting to look forward to something new! Each month, Tiny Readers Publishing highlights a different series of picture books. The Series of the Month allows you to take a closer look at the selected series to determine if it meets your child’s reading preferences and needs. With series written in a variety of genres, you’ll never know what you’ll see next in Series of the Month!

Our March series is the Giulia’s Discoveries series. Giulia is a bright and happy four-year-old girl who is eager to learn all she can. Her enthusiasm and wonder is contagious, and she spreads smiles to everyone around her. If your child is hesitant to try new things, the Giulia’s Discoveries series can show them that new things can be fun!

Author Alessandra Alesi

Alessandra Alesi is from Sicily, Italy. When she was a child, she spent her afternoons reading comics and books. She enjoyed imaging the wonderful fictional lives of March sisters from Little Women and the mysteries of Burnett’s secret garden from The Secret Garden. She also loved (and still loves) Gianni Rodari and Bianca Pitzorno, two Italian children’s authors. Inspired by their stories, Alessandra started writing short stories and little funny rhyming poems, and her primary school teachers encouraged her writing and imagination.

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Giulia’s Discoveries

Written by: Alessandra Alesi Illustrated by: Shalla Mar Mugot

Giulia is a four-year-old girl who loves to discover new things. Throughout the Giulia series, she explores the simple pleasures of everyday things, from learning how to make pizza to meeting a new baby. Giulia’s excitement and sense of wonder will inspire your children to discover the magic in their own day-to-day experiences, too!

Petya And Misha’s Big Ideas

Written by: Uliana Zharnikova Illustrated by: Nadia Kotkina

Petya and Misha are twin five-year-old boys. They are creative, imaginative children who always try to help the people they care about, but somehow nothing ever goes as planned. The boys find themselves in trouble a lot more often than they mean to be. From a failed fishing trip to a wild hare chase, Petya and Misha’s mischievous antics are sure to keep you laughing!

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