• Tiny Readers Publishing is founded.

  • Character Creators Exchange is formed as the company’s new content collaboration platform.

  • Tiny Readers forms its animation division.

  • NoMeLoMe is formed as the company’s new content delivery platform.

  • The NoMeLoMe content delivery platform enters its final stage of testing.

Our mission at Tiny Readers Publishing is to help young children develop early literacy skills by offering the most entertaining illustrated fiction, and to bring those works to life with animations and sound. Over the last five years, we have built an extensive digital library that introduces children to new ideas, people, and places while describing familiar experiences to which they can relate. Each story exposes children to big ideas, allowing parents to engage their children in elaborative language conversations, building a base for early reading and comprehension.

The Tiny Readers Publishing community has now grown to include several hundred contributors, all working passionately towards a common mission of introducing children to a new way to read. The publications at Tiny Readers have all been designed to be digitally delivered on the most modern platforms, for the sole purpose of helping today's children develop early literacy skills using quality literature that is suitable for a changing world.

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