Lanterns and Fireworks

Lanterns and Fireworks

All around the world, people celebrate holidays. But children may find it difficult to grasp that people in different countries celebrate different holidays, and that they celebrate in unique ways. They make and eat special foods prepared in loving, traditional ways. There are summer festivals, winter celebrations, and all sorts of holidays in between, like Shrovetide and Oktoberfest. Some celebrations take place during the day, and some happen after dark. But all of these have one thing in common, no matter when, where or how they’re celebrated--they’re shared with family and friends.

Easily explore different holidays and traditions with your child using this group of ten books about fun, exciting, and tasty ways that people celebrate all around the world. Young Chester happily makes new friends on Halloween, his favorite holiday, in The Empty Trick or Treat Sack by Rusty Fischer. The traditional American door-to-door tradition takes on a new twist in this book, as Chester finds a new way to fill his empty trick or treat sack. This book, as well as the others below, are sure to spark conversations about your own holiday celebrations. They may even inspire you to begin some new traditions with your own family this year!

Author Rusty Fischer

A former teacher, Rusty Fischer is the author of several books for children, including The Littlest Werewolf’s Story and The Littlest Witch’s Story, both part of the Story Time for Little Monsters Series (Looking Glass Library, 2014). When he’s not writing about Halloween or little monsters, you’re likely to find him bussing tables or running food at the family restaurant!


Written by: Rusty Fischer Illustrated by: Rogelio M. Ramilo, Jr.

Chester Cotton’s favorite holiday is Halloween, but since he moved into Great Aunt Mildred’s trailer, his Halloweens have been awful. This year, Chester hopes that someone in the trailer park will be able to fill his empty trick or treat sack.


Written by: Miriam Betz Illustrated by: Julia Pelikhovich

Three-year-old Lisa lives in a German village near Munich. Her parents are taking her to Oktoberfest for the first time. Lisa cannot wait to ride the big carousel. But when she arrives, Lisa cannot see the big carousel anywhere. Will she be able to ride it?


Written by: Sara Bormolini Illustrated by: Katherine Mosuta

It’s a cold, snowy December night in a little village in the mountains of northern Italy. Emma’s father has just told her the very well-known story of Saint Lucia. Emma is looking forward to meeting Saint Lucia, but is even more excited to meet Saint Lucia's donkey!


Written by: Rosemary High Illustrated by: Laura Cianfriglia

Philip Fox has a magical green sock that transports him to wonderful places! In this book, he takes young readers on a trip to the United States, where he celebrates the Fourth of July. What exciting things will he see and do?


Written by: Anthony Rodden Illustrated by: Bethany Ann Funnell

Mia, Kyle, and their parents have travelled to Gloucestershire in southern England for the annual Cheese Rolling race. But instead of watching, Mum and Dad decide to compete! Mia and Kyle watch as they chase a wheel of cheese down the hill. Will one of them win?


Written by: Alessandra Alesi Illustrated by: Shalla Mar Mugot

It’s Easter! That means it’s time for Giulia and her mum to make an almond paste Easter lamb. In Sicily, families like Giulia’s make this treat every Easter. Join Giulia and her mum as they share in this tradition.


Written by: Marion Transetti Illustrated by: Daphne Vasila

Thomas has gathered with his family to celebrate King’s Day on January 6th. He is very excited! On King’s Day, his family gets to eat a French King Cake. There is a charm hidden inside of the cake, and the person who finds it gets to be king for the day!


Written by: Tung Yuen See Illustrated by: Heidi Kim Linh Rodis

En En lives in China. She is excited to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with her family. Her dad has a wonderful story to share, then she and her friends will take a walk to the lake. This evening is full of surprises and fun. What will En En learn on this special night?

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