Family Favorites

Family Favorites

Family Reading Time isn’t just for bedtime! Make memories with your children by reading stories from the Family Favorites series together. Children love to stop reading and guess what is going to happen next in the story. Why not make this a game? Pause the story and have each family member predict what they think will happen next. Not only is this fun, it allows your developing child to demonstrate comprehension of the story, and it aids them in learning how to think ahead and draw conclusions. Best of all, this educational fun time allows your family to bond in a new, exciting way!

Author Rusty Fischer

A former teacher, Rusty Fischer is the author of several books for children, including The Littlest Werewolf’s Story and The Littlest Witch’s Story, both part of the Story Time for Little Monsters Series (Looking Glass Library, 2014). When he’s not writing about Halloween or little monsters, you’re likely to find him bussing tables or running food at the family restaurant!

Chester’s Creepy Company

Written by: Rusty Fischer Illustrated by: Rogelio M. Ramilo

Chester Cotton has seen his share of hard times, and living at the trailer park with Great Aunt Mildred is just...boring. But now, Chester’s tiny neighborhood has some of the strangest visitors, all coming to Chester for help with the weirdest problems that Chester has ever seen. From zombies to vampires, Chester’s little trailer has become a haven for his creepy company!

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