Giggles and Grins

Giggles and Grins

Do you have a reluctant child reader in your family? You know, he’s the one that doesn’t take things seriously, and he just doesn’t want to sit still. Or she says reading is bor-r-ring, with an eye roll that any teenager would be proud of. There are many things parents can do to encourage kids to read, even when their children set against it. Sometimes going the “tech route” is all it takes--hand a kid a tablet with an e-book on it, and suddenly they’re hooked on reading. Others may need a bit more encouragement, and it may help for them to discover that reading can be fun.

This collection of ten funny and engaging e-books will capture the hearts and minds of even the most reluctant readers. In Pot Roast for Dinner by Angela Lee, kids will read about two little boys who become friends after overcoming a language barrier. But when Anoki learns the name of William’s dog, something funny happens! These light-hearted books may be just what your child needs to kick-start a lifelong love of reading. As the old saying goes, laughter is the best medicine!

Author Angela Lee

Angela Lee is a wife, a mother, and a teacher of 19 years. She enjoys life at her Virginia woodland home with her husband, children, and pets. An avid reader, she is following her dream of becoming a children’s author. In her spare time, she enjoys family, food, music, and fun of all kinds. She is well known for her infectious laugh. Her students, family, and co-workers think she’s a hoot! But for some reason, her teenagers are less enthusiastic.


Written by: Angela Lee Illustrated by: Christian Zeppieri

Everybody sneezes, but some people sneeze at very bad times. Have you ever sneezed on a roller coaster? What about when you are holding a cat? Sneezing at times like those can be terrible. Find out what you can do to make sure you’ll never have a bad time to sneeze!


Written by: Angela Lee Illustrated by: Nicolas Bidegain

There’s a new kid at William’s school. Anoki doesn’t speak English and wow, is he wild! One evening, William’s mom invites Anoki and his mom over for dinner. How will William and Anoki get along if they can’t even talk to each other?


Written by: Uliana Zharnikova Illustrated by: Nadia Kotkina

When Petya and Misha find a hare in their grandmother’s garden, they want to catch it and keep it as a pet. But the hare has a different plan. It runs away! Petya and Misha embark on a comical chase through the garden after the hare. Will Petya and Misha be able to catch it?


Written by: Kristen Gordon Illustrated by: Candace Ayuyao

Kang wants a pet monkey, so he hangs “Pet Monkey Wanted” posters all over the park by his house. But when he gets more than he asked for, things get way out of hand! How many monkeys will want to be Kang’s pet?


Written by: Mathilde Armand Illustrated by: Mariya Kudrina

Crazy King Charles wears silly clothes, says silly things, and eats silly food. Even the people of his kingdom are silly. But you won’t believe what happens when Crazy King Charles tries to save Princess Corella from the Riddle Monster!


Written by: Valeria Arcas Illustrated by: Anjali Bansal

Fred the frog wants to fly like the birds he’s seen in the sky. His friend Marley thinks he is silly to want such a thing, but Fred doesn’t give up on his dreams. When he meets a heron at the pond, Fred thinks he has finally found someone who can teach him to fly!


Written by: Silvia Sigorini Illustrated by: Gabriela Issa Chacon

Margherita and her mom are going on a boat ride across Lake Iseo in Italy. Something in the water catches Margherita’s eye, so Margherita calls her mom. What is the mysterious animal that they see in the lake?


Written by: Diego Sibiliani Illustrated by: Derry Maulana

Roberto the Rooster wakes Farmer Gino and the other animals on the farm every day. When Gino thanks Roberto for a job well done, Roberto lets his pride get in the way of his duties. What will happen when Roberto sleeps in and doesn’t wake Farmer Gino in the morning?


Written by: Kristen Gordon Illustrated by: Easter Joyce Diaz

Goby loves playing hide and seek. One day, Dugong finds her while she is hiding in some seagrass. Dugong is huge, and Goby is afraid he will eat her. But Goby has a plan. She will trick Dugong into thinking that she is the scariest fish in the ocean!

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