When is Grandma Coming Over?

When is Grandma Coming Over?

No matter where people live in the world, the most important people to children are their own family members. Families are diverse in size, members, and traditions, but the love that family members have for one another is universal. From an early age, children recognize the special relationships that family members have. Children view family members as teachers, trusted advisers, and even heroes.

These books explore the wonderful concept of family in imaginative, enchanting ways. Uncle Ivan by Julia Neff captures the emotions of anticipation and worry over seeing a relative who has been away for a long time. This beautifully illustrated book teaches us that family love is everlasting, even when miles separate us from our loved ones, and it will fill your child with the warmth of family during the holidays. Children will make connections between themselves and the characters in this sweet book, and they will smile knowing that every family is special!

Author Julia Neff

Julia Neff, originally from Estonia, is a new writer from Holland. She loves writing, and enjoys penning different genres and forms. She writes in both Russian and English, with Russian being her first language. Julia graduated from the Moscow University of Social Sciences with MA in Journalism. Julia's motto in writing literature is, "A story must have meaningful motivation." As a mother of three, she finds education to be a great value in family life.


Written by: Julia Neff Illustrated by: Viktoriya Zaytseva

Zhanna and Pasha live in Yekaterinburg, Russia. Their favorite uncle, Ivan, lives in Paris, France. One day, the kids are excited to learn that Uncle Ivan is coming for a visit. But it has been a year since they have seen Uncle Ivan. Will he remember them?


Written by: Silvia Sigorini Illustrated by: Gabriela Issa Chacon

Today Martina’s family is going to watch the World Cup! Dad believes his Good Luck Hat will help the Italian team win the game. But when it gets lost, his whole family thinks their team is doomed. Will they find the Good Luck Hat before the game starts?


Written by: Angela Lee Illustrated by: Polina Vinnik

Big Brother has to use his table manners at dinner, but Baby gets to make a mess. When Big Brother has gas, people frown, but when Baby has gas, they giggle. That’s not fair? Or is it?


Written by: Michelle Tiong Illustrated by: Candace Ayuyao

Yang Ming’s little cousin, Dou Er, is celebrating her first birthday today! At her party, they are going to play a traditional Chinese game called Draw Lots. Join the fun and find out what this game is about in this fun story!


Written by: Tung Yuen See Illustrated by: Candace Ayuyao

What is Xiao Ya’s favorite sound? Is it dogs barking or cats meowing? Is it the sound of beating drums? Mom doesn’t know, but she is going to try to find out!


Written by: Olga Krupa Illustrated by: Richard Dagli

Mommy Goose has ten adorable goslings, but one of them looks different than the others. He doesn’t think he is a gosling and sets off to find a new family. Will the gosling discover where he belongs?


Written by: Shellie Braeuner Illustrated by: Gabriela Issa Chacon

An American family is on their way to see Grandma. As they drive along, they see many interesting landmarks in the United States, such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Mount Rushmore, and New York City. How will they get past them on their way to see Grandma?


Written by: Alessandra Alesi Illustrated by: Shalla Mar Mugot

Giulia and her mum are going to the hospital. They are going to see Giulia’s aunt, who has someone she wants Giulia to meet. Who could it be?


Written by: Mathilde Armand Illustrated by: Dao Kim Phuc

What is a dad? Is a dad someone to slide down and ride on? Is a dad someone who takes you sledding? In this book, two kids and their dad explore what a dad is, and what a dad is not. Come along and discover with them!

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