Mooncakes and Pumpkin Pie

Mooncakes and Pumpkin Pie

Kids are naturally curious. They ask lots of questions and want to know everything! Much of this curiosity revolves around the details of their daily lives, including the foods they eat. Where do eggs come from? Why do we eat special foods on holidays? What’s for dinner? Should I try this new dish I’ve never had before? Feed their curiosity, both figuratively and literally, with these eight books that feature foods and culinary traditions from around the world.

Your kids will discover how much fun it can be to try new foods in What’s for Dinner, Ben and Bibi? by Tom Pilath. Little Bibi doesn’t want to taste Mama’s new recipe, even though Ben and Papa love it. But after the dog eats her portion, Bibi realizes she is so hungry, she is ready to be brave and try the new food. Fussy eaters will be able to relate to Bibi the next time a new dinner food is on their plate. And who knows--these books may even whet your own appetite and inspire you to try something new!

Author Tom Pilath

Tom Pilath grew up in a German village near Dresden. He started dancing and acting in small theater companies, then decided to pursue a career in professional theater. He soon became a leader of a teenage theater group in Hungary. Tom enjoyed working with teens. He sharpened his creative skills as a dramatic writer for young people, then also began working as a children’s book editor. Tom stepped into the role of an author with his children’s stories at Tiny Readers Publishing. When Tom is not writing, he is busy with acting jobs in international theater and film productions


Written by: Tom Pilath Illustrated by: Marco Martins

Ben and Bibi’s family is getting ready for dinner. Mama is cooking a new recipe she hopes the family will love, tofu shashlik. Bibi does not want to try this new food, even though Papa and Ben love it. Will she be hungry tonight?


Written by: Marilisa and Marco Bragazzi Illustrated by: Charity Russell

Maria loves Margherita pizza, and today she’d like to eat one! While shopping at the supermarket, Mom tells Maria the story of Queen Margherita and the first Margherita pizza. Find out how Margherita pizza got its name in this story!


Written by: Michelle Tiong Illustrated by: Svetlana Sobcenko

Mei Mei's grandmother is showing her how to make tang yuan, a sweet treat for the Winter Solstice Festival. But making tang yuan is a lot of work, and Mei Mei soon gets bored. Learn the lesson that Grandma teaches Mei Mei about this special food in this story.


Written by: Rosemary High Illustrated by: Laura Cianfriglia

Philip Fox is on another magical journey, this time to the United States. He’s just in time to celebrate Thanksgiving. Everyone helps out in the kitchen making mashed potatoes, turkey and everybody’s favorite, pumpkin pie. Come along on this tasty adventure with Philip Fox!


Written by: Evelyn D’Souza Illustrated by: Shereen Khan

Renu and her family are busily preparing their home in India for Diwali, the Festival of Lights. Mom is making delicious laddoos, chewda, chaklis, and more! When Dad comes home with a bag of surprises, Renu hopes that it will contain a Diwali lantern, just for her!


Written by: Tung Yuen See Illustrated by: Heidi Rodis

En En is excited to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with delicious food, like peanuts, pomelo, candy, and mooncakes. Dad has a wonderful story to share, then En En and her friends will take a walk to the lake on an evening full of surprises and fun.


Written by: Uliana Zharnikova Illustrated by: Nadia Kotkina

One warm, fall day, Sveta visits her grandparents in their little house on the edge of a forest. Grandma wants to make mushroom pie, but she needs mushrooms. Will Sveta and Grandpa be able to find enough mushrooms in the forest to fill a whole pie?


Written by: Alessandra Alesi Illustrated by: Shalla Mar Mugot

Giulia and her mum love to cook, and today they are making pizza! Join Giulia and Mum as they get a little messy and have a whole lot of fun in the kitchen together. Enter Giulia’s kitchen and find out how pizza is made in this story.

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