December is Here

December is Here

December is truly a month of celebration! Over thirty holidays and festivals occur around the world during this month. The traditions of many of them include giving thanks to friends and family by giving gifts and sharing meals. Children are especially honored at various December holidays, and many adults strive to see the world through the eyes of a child during this special time of year. This December, Tiny Readers Publishing is highlighting two special series that honor the imagination and creativity of children. The San San the Artist series and Into the Sock with Philip Fox series each capture the essence of being a child, allowing children to recognize themselves in the books’ characters and perhaps even allowing adults to relive the fun of childhood!

The books in the San San the Artist series feature simple, yet heartfelt plots about little challenges of childhood. From the embarrassment of drawing something very different than everyone else in a contest to the inner struggle about what to do when a missing wallet is found, San San tries her best to do the right thing, even when it’s hard. These books are peppered with questions for the reader, so children can think about what they would do if they were San San. This is a great way to converse with children about problem solving and making decisions while engaging in the story.

The books in the Into the Sock with Philip Fox series each focus on a different location or event. Readers leap into Philip’s magical green sock and are transported to a wonderful new place in each book. With childlike imagination, readers explore cities, festivals, and more with Philip, the friendly fox. With detailed illustrations, readers can explore places they’ve never been or share memories of places they have visited. Children may even decide that they want to visit one of Philip’s travel spots themselves someday!

To find out more about the books in the San San the Artist or the Into the Sock with Philip Fox series, check out “Just Like Me” on the Tiny Readers Publishing website. And, to be informed of the NoMeLoMe launch so your child can read these books and more, be sure to sign up for notifications on the NoMeLoMe website!

Author Carolyn Mikelson

A former elementary school teacher, Carolyn Mikelson has always loved children’s literature. She enjoyed the whimsy of creating spontaneous stories for her kindergarten and first grade students, and later treated her own four children to a new oral bedtime story every night. Carolyn was thrilled to move into the world of publishing after her children became a bit older, and began working as a children’s literature editor at TRP in 2014. Carolyn makes her home in the far west Chicago suburbs, where she enjoys spending time outdoors, at the theatre, and at other fine arts and cultural events. During her free time, she teaches reading, writing, and speaking English to immigrant women in her area. Carolyn is member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.

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